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The Great Confusion

Those who see delusion clearly are awakened beings. Those that are deluded about waking up are ordinary sentient beings.” Dogen

Seeing through the veil of human delusion in small glimpses is easy. The unadulterated truth of being is clear and present in every moment. We all see “it” spontaneously from time to time. To live from an awakened view however, is more difficult. It is swimming upstream in an anthro-centric intoxication which perpetuates fear and greed by naming it progress. Real progress is knowing there is nowhere to go and living fully into that which is here right now. Unavoidably this requires radical cooperation, patience, generosity – selflessness.

“To push forward, ambitiously experiencing the world as yours is delusion. Allowing

the world to come forward and experience itself through you is awakening” Dogen

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