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everyone wants to be happy

We are all born complete, fully aware and equipped with everything we need to live well. Then the mixed messages of culture, family and naivety collude and we veer off path. Everyone in their own way is searching for a way to live in this ever-changing world that that offers a sense of contentment, completion and stability.  And we know from our innate wisdom and the testimonial of many that have come before us that it is possible to be in the world that way. The Urban Monk Project is a map toward that kind of happiness with no single destination prescribed. It describes the spectrum of choices and directions we all navigate between the monastery and wanton curiosity and some measured recommendations for best practices along the way.

an immersive symphony of gongs, singing bowls, drums, electronics and musical mastery that evoking profound clarity and relaxation.

serene illumination

we can reclaim the innate sense of open awareness, ease and freedom which permeates every moment of our life.

naturally awake

bits of guided instruction punctuated by periods of silence; all sessions are free and offered on a drop-in basis

meditation sessions

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