Climbing Plants on Stone Wall

  Urban Monk        Project

Practices, activities and celebrations of the life well lived

The ways pointed to in ancient texts are song maps drawing us toward deeper connection with life itself, the melody of our timeless longing for arrival and return to the more beautiful world. Not religion or philosophy, no set of rules or yet drawn template will deliver us there. It is closer, more simple and more demanding than that to behold. It asks of us to show up, empty handed, curious, willing to be fully engaged in the art of living.  



Morning Meditation

Varied and informative sessions over Zoom, relevant and equally suitable for practitioners at any level of experience.

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Meditation Retreats

Fashioned to accommodate long time meditators as well as people newer to the practice. In person, fees vary.

Couple Walking


Shut Up & Walk

Silent group walks—a seamless blend of mindful movement, nature bathing, civic engagement and community building.