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naturally awake

Remembering our true nature is peace and joy


Waking up to an abiding sense of well-being is not a matter of acquiring special skills, becoming religious, accumulating material wealth or getting smarter. Peace and joy are never apart from us. It’s just that life’s conditioning tends to obscure our access.

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relaxed and informal

No prior meditation or retreat experience is required. By the end of the retreat everyone will have been offered:


  • an understandable framework for the process of “waking up”

  • a context for the kinds of practices and teachings associated with deep well-being

  • embodied methods for accessing the already awakened self

  • tips for cleaning up the fragments of trauma and confusion that tend to obstruct us 

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  • Long time seekers that haven’t quite found what they are looking for

  • People not interested in spiritual paths that believe more happiness is possible

  • People new to contemplative practices seeking clarity and direction

  • Meditators that have dead-ended in their practice

  • Anyone tired of recycling past traumas and self-defeating habits

  • Those interested in creating eco-systems of love and cooperation

Upcoming Events

  • Sound Bath Meditation
    Sun, Apr 02
    Urban Monk Loft
    Apr 02, 7:00 PM – 8:20 PM
    Urban Monk Loft, 308 E Prince St suite 250, St Paul, MN 55101, USA
    profound relaxation – deep healing
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